Code: 431
Above the Golden Beach with stunning view at the sea and Naxos is the land of 8020m².
8 020 m2 Farmland, Tzane Marpissa, Paros
95.000 €
Code: 440
Just 940 meters from the picturesque port of Abelas and the sandy beach is the land 4561m².
4 561 m2 Farmland, Abelas, Paros
95.000 €
Code: 1127
In a quiet neighborhoud in Parikia, very close to the beach, the port and the church Panagia Ekatontapiliani is the lot 189m².
189 m2 Plots, Parikia, Paros
180.000 €
Code: 1125
On a hill above the village Naoussa with stunning views at the village, at Kolimpithres, at Naxos and the endless blue, is the land of 5492m².
5 492 m2 Farmland, Vardia Naoussa, Paros
Code: 209
In the south of Paros on the edge of a hill is located the plot 6000m².
6 000 m2 Farmland, Kamari Ageria, Paros
Code: 411
On the east coast of Antiparos is the unique coastal land 40,000m² with face 164m. to the sea.
40 000 m2 Farmland, Soros, Antiparos