110.000 €
Code: 579
In the southwestern part of Paros, near the picturesque port of Aliki with the coastal tavernas and the beautiful beaches of Faragas & Voutakos, is the land 4839m².
4 839 m2 Farmland, Ageria, Paros
Code: 1336
Close to the largest and for many most beautiful beach in Paros, is the land 8910,10m².
8 910 m2 Farmland, Tzane, Paros
Code: 1337
Land 9895m² with walking distance to the sandy beach of Punda and the kite surf centers.
9 895 m2 Farmland, Kabos, Paros
Code: 1322
Land 5514m² located in a hill with amphitheatrical slope ensuring the unobstructed view to the sea.
5 514 m2 Farmland, Aspries, Paros
95.000 €
Code: 1327
In a quiet location and in the same time very close to all amenities, is the plot 7024m².
7 024 m2 Farmland, Drios, Paros
75.000 €
Code: 1335
Ιn the southeastern part of Paros, within the village of Drios, is the lot of 400m².
400 m2 Plots, Drios, Paros