Code: 1158
Above the beautiful Golden Beach, overlooking the Dryonisi, the Aegean Sea and Naxos Island, is the land 8847m². 
8 847 m2 Farmland, Tzane Drios, Paros
Code: 1154
Very close to the cosmopolitan Naoussa with great view at the traditional settlement of Naoussa, at Kolymbithres, at the islet of Kali and at the monastery of Ai Giannis is the unique land 4027m².
4 027 m2 Farmland, Naoussa, Paros
Code: 582
In the southernmost area of Paros with stunning view at the sea and at the islands of Ios, Iraklia and Schinoussa, is the land 28069m².
28 069 m2 Farmland, Glyfa, Paros
125.000 €
Code: 441
Very close to Parikia and only 250 meters from the sandy beach of Parasporos is the land 5054m².
5 054 m2 Farmland, Parasporos, Paros
200.000 €
Code: 1110
After the cosmopolitan Naoussa and before the small port of Ambelas is the land 4800m² with view at the sea.
4 800 m2 Farmland, Abelas, Paros
Code: 1145
In Kolymbithres bay overlooking the stunning landscape of the vertical white cliffs and small hidden sandy beaches amongst them, is the plot 10.100m².
10 100 m2 Farmland, Kolibithres, Paros