Code: 944
In the southern part of Paros in the settlement Ageria with lovely view at the sea is located the land 830m².
830 m2 Plots, Ageria, Paros
Code: 654

Just 3500 meters from the port and 850 meters from Marcelo beach in Parikia is located the plot 32582m².

32 582 m2 Farmland, Krotiri Parikia, Paros
Code: 10
Very close to Parikia with double view at of the northern and southern part of Paros, is the land 75450m² stretching to the sea and ends at a pebble beach.
75 450 m2 Farmland, Parikia, Paros
Code: 1017

In the southern part of Paros, very close to the village Aliki with amazing view at the islands Pateronisia and Antiparos, is located the plot 5640m² with the ability to construct total surface 232m².

5 640 m2 Farmland, Magano Ageria, Paros
Code: 1033
Located on the east coast overlooking the blue sea and Naxos, is tha land 8174,25m² with issued building license for houses total surface 529,24m² with swimming pool.
8 174 m2 Farmland, Isterni Naoussa, Paros
Code: 953
In the western part of the island, only 890 meters from the beach Parasporos is located the land 7800m2 which has 3 different levels and an old wine press, unobstructed seaview and possibility to issue building license for house 276m2.
7 800 m2 Farmland, Koukoumavles Parikia, Paros