860.000 €
Code: 140
Situated on a hill, a lovely stone house 485,82m² overlooks the open sea, the island of Antiparos and the sun diving at the sea.
485 m2 7 7 Detached houses, Glisidia, Paros
Code: 312
Just 600 meters from the picturesque port of Aliki and the beach is located the newly constructed house 60,38m².
60 m2 2 2 Apartments, Aliki, Paros
Code: 1064
In a beautiful garden 1302m2 with ornamental plants, olive trees, bougainvilleas, palm trees and cactus is the two level stone house 163,30m2.
184 m2 4 4 Detached houses, Kalami Parikia, Paros
Code: 45
In the village of Naoussa a traditional house 86m2 is located and consists of 2 levels.
86 m2 3 2 Apartments, Naoussa, Paros
Code: 147
In a land of incredible natural beauty overlooking the sea is located the luxury house 217m2.
217 m2 5 5 Detached houses, Koukoumavles Parikia, Paros
Code: 888
Above the Golden Beach with amazing view at the sea and Drionisi, is located the luxury house total surface 414,92m2 in land 5439m2.
414 m2 7 6 Detached houses, Velanies Marpissa, Paros