45.000 €
Code: 343
In a quiet area, very close to the village Kostos is located the land 6118m2 with allowed building surface 242m2.
6 118 m2 Farmland, Kostos, Paros
200.000 €
Code: 864
Just 130 meters from the famous Golden beach is land 5650m².
5 650 m2 Farmland, Golden Beach, Paros
250.000 €
Code: 816
Very close to the village of Dryos is located the land 8010m² overlooking the sea, the Dryonisi and Naxos.
8 010 m2 Farmland, Drios, Paros
Code: 949
In the southern part of Paros just 80 meters from the beach is the land 8970m².
8 970 m2 Farmland, Glifa, Paros
Code: 910
Very close to Parikia and 830 meters from the sea is located the land 2003m².
2 003 m2 Plots, Kakapetra Parikia, Paros
Code: 936
In the western part of Paros overlooking the islets Portes and the big blue is located the plot 2961m² with issued building permission for a ground floor house 122m² with large terraces.
2 961 m2 Farmland, Aspries Parikia, Paros