Code: 1615
In a great location, overlooking the settlement of Parikia, the western part of Paros, the island of Antiparos, the neighbouring islands Sifnos & Serifos, the islets Portes and the crystal clear beaches Krios and Martselo, land 12320m².
12 320 m2 Farmland, Dilio, Paros
120.000 €
Code: 1630
In a quiet area offering tranquility in the natural environment, plot 7949,40m².
7 949 m2 Farmland, Patoumenos Parikia, Paros
Code: 1627
On a small hill offering great view to the gulf of Parikia, land 4062,80m².
4 062 m2 Plots, Kakapetra, Paros
Code: 535
On a hill in the serenity of the natural environment, land 5822m².
5 822 m2 Farmland, Aneratzia Ageria, Paros
Code: 1622
On a hill with unique amphitheatric view to the sea, Paros, small islets Pateronisi & Tigani, Naxos, Iraklia and Ios, land 51450,85m².
51 450 m2 Farmland, Profitis Ilias Antiparos, Antiparos
Code: 1578
At the southern part of Paros, in the settlement of Aspro Chorio, close to the golden beaches Lolantonis, Faragas, Golden Beach, lot 1049,07m².
1 049 m2 Plots, Aspro Chorio, Paros