85.000 €
Code: 1243
In the traditional village of Prodromos, is the lot 2079m².
2 079 m2 Plots, Prodromos, Paros
Code: 1246
In the east side of Paros, in Molos, is the plot 10204m².
10 204 m2 Farmland, Molos, Paros
160.000 €
Code: 899
In a quiet area in Piso Livadi, overlooking the sea and the village, is located the lot 1010m².
1 010 m2 Plots, Piso Livadi, Paros
Code: 133
In the southern part of Paros, close to a sandy beach is the land of 4765m².
4 765 m2 Farmland, Aliki, Paros
250.000 €
Code: 1221
Land 22030m² with walking distance to the beach, which locates in the main road that connects Naoussa and Santa Maria. 
22 030 m2 Farmland, Agii Anargiri, Paros
Code: 1216
Close to the village Prodromos is located the plot 11690m² with panoramic views at the sea and at the surrounding area.
11 690 m2 Farmland, Prodromos, Paros