Code: 942
Very close to the cosmopolitan Naoussa, 40 meters from the beach, with stunning view at Kolibithres, the island of Agia Kali and the blue of the sea is located the land 13170m².
13 170 m2 Farmland, Naoussa, Paros
Code: 970
In a short distance from the village of Marathi in a Cycladic landscape with scents of sage, oregano and thyme is located the plot 6203m².
6 203 m2 Farmland, Marathi, Paros
Code: 944
In the southern part of Paros in the settlement Ageria with lovely view at the sea is located the land 830m².
830 m2 Plots, Ageria, Paros
Code: 654

Just 3500 meters from the port and 850 meters from Marcelo beach in Parikia is located the plot 32582m².

32 582 m2 Farmland, Krotiri Parikia, Paros
Code: 10
Very close to Parikia with double view at of the northern and southern part of Paros, is the land 75450m² stretching to the sea and ends at a pebble beach.
75 450 m2 Farmland, Parikia, Paros
Code: 1017

In the southern part of Paros, very close to the village Aliki with amazing view at the islands Pateronisia and Antiparos, is located the plot 5640m² with the ability to construct total surface 232m².

5 640 m2 Farmland, Magano Ageria, Paros